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Robert Plant photographed by Neal Preston, 1977.

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Title: Never Going Back Again Artist: Fleetwood Mac 1,215 plays


Never Going Back Again || Fleetwood Mac

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Title: A Girl Like You Artist: The Black Keys 682 plays


A Girl Like You - The Black Keys

Cover of Edwyn Collins “A Girl Like You”, performed as a web exclusive for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Watch the video here.

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Title: In the Mood Artist: Glenn Miller Orchestra 1,099 plays


Glenn Miller Orchestra - In The Mood

that whole “you dropped your pack of cigarettes” scene from The Royal Tenenbaums honestly just reminds me of that Spongebob episode with Man Ray where they’re doing the tests to see if he’s nice and Patrick drops his wallet and Man Ray picks it up and is like “you dropped your wallet” and Patrick is like “that’s not my wallet”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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Title: I Cover The Waterfront Artist: Nat King Cole, Lester Young & Buddy Rich 452 plays


Artist: Nat King Cole, Lester Young & Buddy Rich
Song: I Cover The Waterfront 
Recorded: 1946

  • Nat King Cole (piano)
  • Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
  • Buddy Rich (drums)

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Title: She's Funny That Way Artist: Lester Young 376 plays

Lester Young — She’s Funny That Way (1946)

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"How To Save A Game" by Yasiel Puig. 


Your feminism isn’t worth shit if it doesn’t defend trans women

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